“Any Critter Sitter” is a fully Bonded and Insured pet sitting service available to take care of all of your critters:  including dogs, cats, ferrets, bunnies, fish, reptiles and more.  We are currently a member of Pet Sitters Associates LLC.  We offer our services in Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Paradise Valley, Phoenix and more (See Service Areas).  Your extended family is our family too.  They will be cared for and protected as if they were our own.

Critter Sitting Services

Love and care will be provided to all of your critters. We know every pet has his or her own personality and needs and we will customize each visit to meet you and your pet’s individual needs.  Below is a list of the many critter sitter services offered:

  Walks ♥  Lots of Love
♥  Waste Removal
  Hugs   Litter Box Care
  Bowl Cleansing
♥  Treat Time
  Ear & Belly Scratches   Medication
  Fetch   Companionship   Habitat Maintenance
♥  Tug-of-War   Brushing   Crate Cleaning

Home Sitting Services

We provide peace of mind that your home is secure while you are away.   Your front door will be free of solicitations, your mailbox will not be overflowing, and there will be no build up of newspapers on your driveway.   Your house will look  like there is someone home.  We will be checking in regularly and will be able to keep you informed of any potential household issues.  (Note:  if you have no pets we still offer our services at the standard $22 a visit)

  Pick up Mail
  Set Alarms   Bring in Newspapers
♥  Water Plants   Ensure all Doors Secure
  Remove Solicitations
♥  Adjust Lighting
  Adjust Thermostat as Requested
  Bring in Packages
♥  Take in/out Trash Cans
  Open/Close Blinds   Let us know