Why Hire A Sitter?

Pet Benefits

   Your pet is not exposed to illness of other pets in a boarding facility
   Your pet will not feel abandoned in an unfamiliar environment
♥   Your pet will not have the stress of traveling to and from the boarding facility
   Your pet’s stress is reduced as they get to stay in their familiar environment where they are comfortable
   Your pet will be able to maintain its regular daily  diet and playtime routines
   Your pet receives one on one quality time and TLC

Owner Benefits

   You’re with your pet until you walk out the door
   You don’t need additional time to transport your pet to and from a boarding facility
   You can take comfort in knowing your pet is comfortable in their own environment at home
   You won’t need to impose on friends or family
   You’re able to check in at any time while you are away
   You greet your pet the moment you get home
   You have peace of mind that your home is being monitored